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Integrated automated solution for archiving documents


Integrated automated solution for archiving documents


Integrated automated solution for archiving documents


Integrated automated solution for archiving documents




Elmas is a 100% Romanian company, seated in Brașov, with a large network of branches in the country. With over 30 years’ experience in the field of lifting equipment, we are specialists in the design and manufacture of 100% customized elevators.

We have the capacity to develop products of quality integrated throughout the entire flow, from design, manufacture, assembly to expedient service.

These include the new ARHI SAFE automated archiving system, designed for high energy efficiency in operation and compliant with the latest safety regulations.

As distributor of the German company Hänel in Romania since 2003, we offer you access to a complete range of products developed for modern automated storage.


There are different fields of activity, especially in public administration, which handle a large volume of documents every day. We know the important role document handling, transfer and archiving play in enabling optimal flow and real-time records.

Against this background, ELMAS, a company seated in Brașov, has developed an integrated automated solution for archiving documents in a 100% secure and efficient environment.

The new solution comes with the idea of vertical archiving, using a floor area of only 25 square meters. The fully automated ARHI SAFE archiving solution ensures fast access to documents and a high degree of ergonomics.

The ARHI SAFE automated archive consists of a heat-insulated and fire-resistant exterior metallic structure, housing a Hänel Lean Lift type archiving and storage system. The solution can be uses by companies from different industries generating a medium and high volume of documents and requiring fast and efficient access to the archive, as well as by public institutions handling a high volume of documents (libraries, courts, state archives, pension funds, financial institutions, etc.).


Storage capacity for up to 19 tons of documents

The entire structure can be attached to an existing building or can be installed independently thanks to its vertical parallelepiped shape, with a small footprint on the ground. It complies with the Romanian anti-seismic rules in force. The access to the building from the metal body is through a passageway, provided with fire-resistant door and windows.

The ARHI SAFE automated archiving system can store up to 19 tons of documents, over a height of 10.8 m and a footprint of only 5.1 x 4.5 m (width x depth). Depending on the customer's application, other construction dimensions are available on request.

The ARHI SAFE automated archive is based on a Hänel Lean Lift storage system equipped with 86 containers, 3.26 m x 1035 mm/each, with a storage capacity of about 3096 document boxes. Paper documents can be archived in standard cardboard boxes, 355 x 250 x 150 mm (width x depth x height), or the archiving system can be adapted for other types of storage boxes or units (e.g. binders, etc.) on request.

Air recirculation system

For classic paper documents to be kept in optimal conditions, there has been implemented an air conditioning and recirculation system featuring three functions: heating, cooling and drying.

Another mandatory safety feature is the automated fire protection. Three sensors have been installed to control the flooding of the archive with Inergen gas, which immediately extinguishes the fire in an early stage. Furthermore, the structure complies with the anti-seismic rules and can be installed independently, without being attached to any building.

PC interface and dedicated software

The interface of the ARHI SAFE automated archive allows easy implementation within the company's PC network and the most popular ERP systems. The multiple control and command functions provide an integrated management of up to 100,000 stored items, and an efficient management of the authorized access for different users (authorization by card or password).

This enables a complete overview and real-time traceability of the access to the archived documents.



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